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Write on Mamas is a popular and fast growing community of women (and men!) that fosters a friendly and supportive atmosphere for writers of all genres and experience levels. We invite you to join our active online community — and if you’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out our Salon Series for our monthly meeting times and guest speakers.

Lord and Lady F***!

When my kids were still quite young, probably around kindergarten age, I got tickets to see Brian Ferry. The concert was in the grounds of Petworth House, a 17th-century country house described as “A stately mansion nestled in the South Downs housing the finest art...

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Forgotten Anniversaries

These last two weeks I’ve had the nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten someone’s birthday, someone close to me. In other words, a date that should be committed to memory forever and always. But when I go through the list: husband, children, parents, in-laws, nieces,...

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Pot Mama

Pot. Weed. Reefer. Ganja. The Chronic. Marijuana was something that just never really appealed to me in my younger days. Even with the safety of a towel plugged college dorm room door, I could never quite get comfortable with it. It always felt wrong. Dirty. Illegal....

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My week at Wellstone Center of the Redwoods

I spent seven days in February at a writing residency at Wellstone Center of the Redwoods. Wellstone is a writers’ retreat tucked away in the Santa Cruz Mountains, four miles away from the Pacific Ocean. Quite a few people have asked me what it was like—this blog...

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Self-soothing in 2017

When I first awake, I am happy, whether sun is streaming in the window or rain is pattering on the roof. But then, as my brain starts to whirl, I remember that a reality TV star who might be mentally ill has the nuclear codes. I ruminate how he is filling his cabinet...

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Pledge for a Frantic Activist

So I called some senators. I knitted a hat. I’ve marched, signed petitions, and typed a jillion angry emojiis on Facebook. I can’t keep up with the news, real or fake. It all feels like Whack-a-Mole politics. Idioms that used to be metaphoric are now literal: my head...

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Shout Out to 2016 WoM of the Year Laurel Hilton!

We had a fantastic turnout for our holiday party in December. We wrote and then as we munched and sipped, we chatted and shared some of our writing goals for 2017. Special thanks to founding member and former secretary and board member Marianne Lonsdale for hosting...

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Cave Woman

This post is a flash memoir piece which sprang forth from the November 18 WoM writing prompt. Daylight Saving Time is a reality that I love in March and hate in November, when I go from the Duchess of Delight to the Dragon-woman of Doom. The missing hour delegates me...

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