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Write on Mamas is a popular and fast growing community of women (and men!) that fosters a friendly and supportive atmosphere for writers of all genres and experience levels. We invite you to join our active online community — and if you’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out our Salon Series for our monthly meeting times and guest speakers.

Beware of what you wish for, you might get it!

Guest Blog by Claire Hennessy's Mum: Rosemary Taylor On one Mother's day a friend of mine, Mary, was looking forward, somewhat optimistically, to a good lie-in, a cup of coffee, not before 8:00 a.m., followed by a cooked breakfast. Her husband had been directed to the...

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Clothes I Can Live In

I’m wearing my favorite outfit today:  Doc Martens boots, black leggings, purple tunic, and black cashmere zipper hoodie cardigan.  I have a familiar lump in my throat. It had been years since I had a new cashmere cardigan.  My old one was ten years old, and moths had...

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Writing in Chunks: Write on Mamas Weigh In

Collected and compiled by Marianne Lonsdale Members of my writing group, the Write on Mamas, are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with lovely sprinkles of moms in other parts of the country. We love to meet in person, but in-between we sometimes have terrific...

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Night Noises

Pops and bangs awaken me from sweet dreams and I startle upright in my bed. It takes a few moments for me to get my bearings, and a peek through my window blinds, to realize it’s just the neighbor boys shooting off random firecrackers…again. It’s the Fourth of July...

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July 4th – The Fight for Freedom

I have a love-hate relationship with patriotism. In my twenties, I sat for the National Anthem, and this caused my father, a Korean War veteran, much dismay, so I eventually relented out of respect for him. Since the various Black Lives Matter movements have made...

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Ink & Pencil

On sequestered writing days, I wear downgraded clothes, which are inappropriate for answering the front door, or even for looking at my reflection in my own mirrors. On these days, my husband will offer to bring me a sandwich from anywhere I choose. He says a new...

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The Golden Hour

This January, my nineteen year old college sophomore son and I went on a hike to Pierce Point in the Northern Point Reyes National Seashore. The weather was clear, but throughout our hike on the high ridge, pounding surf echoed below. My new tendency to impart advice...

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March On!

  I marched in the San Francisco Women’s March to secure our future with the future: my 20-something daughter and her friends. Last year my husband and I went to the march in Oakland, but this year he was at a climate conference all day. So I asked Ally if I...

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Favorite WoM Reads of 2017~Compiled by Lorrie Goldin

“Right about now, New Year’s vows to go to the gym and stop eating sugar are falling by the wayside. But here’s a resolution that’s pure pleasure without the sweat or calories: Reading more! Here to get you started for 2018 are some favorites our members read in...

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Slice of Time

Clouds obscured our eclipse on Monday. Our California setting would only have allowed us a crescent sun, had the clouds not been in the way. We missed out on a lot so I watched a friend’s video as it happened in Wyoming. I listened to their joy and tears and hugs and...

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