Mamas Write

29 Tales of Truth, Wit, and Grit
In Mamas Write: 29 Tales of Truth, Wit, and Grit, twenty-four moms (and one dad) share stories from their lives as writers and parents. Essays range from finding one’s calling as a writer through adopting a toddler; a tribute to a dying wife; an account of a premature birth; raising a transgender child; the joys of sharing a favorite childhood book. In a concluding interview, authors share funny and heartfelt responses to questions such as: “How does a busy parent make time for writing?” “Why do you write, and where?” “What writing books inspire you?” and “What holds you back from writing?”

From the Foreward by Kate Hopper

Mamas Write examines the things that drive us to the page both as readers and writers. […] But these essays are about much more than why mamas write. These writers are grappling with universals: love, acceptance, disappointment, grief.

Kate Hopper, author of Ready For Air: A Journey through Premature Motherhood and Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers.

Authors Comment on Mamas Write

“If you are a mother who dreams about writing, here’s all the inspiration you need ….”

Rachel Sarah, author of Single Mom Seeking

“These writers dig deep and don’t shy away from tough subjects, but their essays sparkle with humor and energy, too. I love the diversity of voices here, and their wide range of interests. From gauzy preemies in the NICU to a grown son, brooding with piercings and dreadlocks; from dreams of being writers (or mothers, or mermaids) to dreams of just one good nap-it’s all here, and it makes a great read.”

Caroline Grant, Editor in Chief of Literary Mama and
Associate Director of the Sustainable Arts Foundation

Amazon Reader Reviews

“Terrific tales from talented writers.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this collection of essays which could broadly be interpreted as responding to the question, “Why do we write?” Each tells a different, compelling story, with two unifying threads – the need to write is as strong and honorable as the fervent wish to be a good parent. I loved how the essays made the argument that being a good mama and being a good writer are mutually supportive, each satisfying a universal desire for connection and love. Perfect for any creative-type parents you know…or for a parent who needs a push to explore his/her creativity.”

Nancy Davis Kho

“Thought-provoking essays on writing — and identity”

“I just read this entire book on a plane ride. Each piece is bite-sized but delicious. While the stated theme is why each of these parents write, I found many of the pieces resonated with me as they dealt with questions of professional and personal identity. So many of these talented writers questioned whether they could be called “writers” at all. I also appreciated the length of these stories –they often planted an idea in my head that I found myself coming back to later (like the white board, or the ego-busting voice in your head, or the idea that if we don’t explain what we are doing to our children, they make up their own explanations). Lovely compilation!”

Liz Kramer

“These beautifully crafted essays vary in style”

“There is something in here for almost every parent, particularly the parent who also writes creatively or longs to do so. These beautifully crafted essays vary in style, topic, and depth, and speak emotional truths about parenting or creative writing or both that will have you crying or laughing or otherwise nodding in understanding. There are many essays and stories I’d like to highlight here, like the father who has to break the news to his children that his ill wife has deceased or the hilarious inner voice of one woman’s writing process or… There are too many to share. If you’re a parent who writes (or a writer who parents), this anthology is a good, satisfying read.”

Cindy Bailey

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