Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On

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She’s Got This! Contributors:

Dorothy O’Donnell, Meika Rouda, Carol Gavhane, Colleen Gonzalez, Mary Allison Tierney, Vicki DeArmon, Jilanne Hoffmann, Joanne Catz Hartman, Mary Claire Hill, Kate Hopper, Leslie Lagerstrom, Claire Hennessy, Lucinda Cummings, Carol Kirkpatrick, Steven Friedman, Cindy Bailey Giauque, Christina Julian, Mindy Uhrlaub, Lorrie Goldin, Terry McQueen, Nina Vincent, Laurel K. Hilton, Meghen Kurtzig, Christine Bent, Tarja Parssinen, Lisa Witz, Veronica P. Derrick,Thais Nye Derich, Lehew-Nehrbass, Sweta Chawla, Emily Myers, Maria Ramos-Chertok, Gloria Saltzman, Marianne Lonsdale, Christine I. Peters, Rina Faletti, Jessica O’Dwyer, Kaitlin Solimine, Maria Dudley, Li Miao Lovett, Meagan Schultz, Sherilee Hoffmann, Harriet Heydemann, Nancy Devine, Teri Stevens, Beth Touchette

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Boldly and unapologetically told, the essays featured in this powerful collection exemplify strength and resilience as these writers—published authors as well as fresh voices—take their truths public. Filled with hope, humor, and determination, these stories tackle love, loss, friendship, identity, and parenthood. She’s Got This! is their anthem, one that will resonate with women everywhere.
Advance Praise…

“I tore through the wonderful essays in She’s Got This! They’re funny, heartbreaking, profound, gutsy, sexy, thrilling, and inspiring. And they’re wonderfully written, with grace and depth. Each essay tells one woman’s heroic story; the collection reveals the fierce and beautiful face of feminism.”

Ellen Sussman, New York Times best-selling author of French Lessons

These are stories that elevate so-called mundane experience to something beautiful and profound. They’re about relationships, families, children, love. And when we take our last breath we are likely to discover what the authors of this fine, valuable volume of beautifully told stories know already. Nothing matters more.”

Joyce Maynard, New York Times best-selling author of The Best of Us: A Memoir 

“She’s Got This! Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On is an inspired anthology, full of raw honesty, unexpected humor, and unapologetic hope. With offerings by talented women of all ages and walks of life, the book echoes and amplifies voices of resistance and resilience. Inside, you’ll find intimate and frank accounts of motherhood, aging, love, and loss, all of which act as bracing antidotes to our sound bite era of half-truths and outright lies. A page-turning pleasure to read!” 

  Mary Volmer, author of Reliance, Illinois

“These essays slice through to the heart and hell of modern womanhood, tackling everything from giving up on a genetic connection to a yet-to-be-born child, truth bombs, one mother’s boycott of the Boy Scouts, and swapping drinking for triathlons.”


Adair Lara, author of Naked, Drunk, and Writing 

 “We read for truth, to feel a little bit less alone, to sense an author’s heartbeats on the page. She’s Got This! takes us deep into the heart of matter . . . after reading these essays, I feel life’s pulse more deeply, which is a credit to the authors’ boldness on the page.”


Grant Faulkner, executive director of NaNoWriMo and author of Pep Talks for Writers

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