Guest Blog by Claire Hennessy’s Mum: Rosemary Taylor

On one Mother’s day a friend of mine, Mary, was looking forward, somewhat optimistically, to a good lie-in, a cup of coffee, not before 8:00 a.m., followed by a cooked breakfast. Her husband had been directed to the kitchen to cook his own breakfast as his services were not required in the bedroom, as sleep, relaxation and peace were all that were necessary on this day.

Mary woke early through habit, but snuggled down happily. Luckily her son and daughter had come home the night before to look after her, so what could possibly go wrong? After an hour or so, she found time was dragging somewhat. Her throat had dried up but as she had been told not to get up, she waited patiently for a while longer. However, as there were no sounds from the kitchen, she decided to creep to the loo as things were becoming desperate in that department.

Time moved slowly on but at last her son appeared delivering a grumpy-voiced Happy Mother’s Day and a cup of coffee which, of course, was cold. Through gritted teeth she managed to say, “Thank you, darling.”

Eventually her daughter staggered in with a tray of breakfast. Mary sat up in anticipation as it was dumped, unceremoniously, on her knees. One limp piece of bread (fried bread…really?), two burnt rashers of bacon, half an uncooked tomato and an egg that appeared to have been thrown in to the frying pan from a great distance and had not survived the journey. A mumbled “Happy Mother’s Day” and she disappeared swiftly, no doubt back to bed.

Trying not to feel disappointed and a little hurt, Mary attempted to eat some of this filial offering and then decided that for next year she would make sure no one would feel the need to make this particular effort on her behalf. She would go away and book herself into a really good hotel, no matter the cost, and not return home for several days.

Rosemary Taylor is retired and lives in England. She has had a varied and interesting career, including working for the BBC, and running her own employment agency. She has always been adventurous, first attempting skiing into her forties even though she is terrified of heights and then learning to fly a plane when she was fifty. She then enjoyed terrifying her kids flying them around in small planes asking them to keep an eye out for other aircraft! 

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