Headphones Image Used for Marianne's Podcast Blog PostMarianne Lonsdale recently polled the members of Write on Mamas to find out what podcasts they listen to, and this blog summarizes her findings…The ones receiving the most mentions will be no surprise, but you’ll find a smattering of others that you may not have heard of that you’ll want to check out.

Mentioned By Almost Every Mama

Fresh Air
This American Life

Lorrie Goldin: Podcasts are my constant hiking companions!

Laurel Munson Hilton: Serial is a riveting podcast. Feels like listening to the old Radio Soap Operas from 1930s/40s.

Maria Dudley: Serial is a true story and court case as well, but with a controversial conclusion. The podcast attempts to bring up some new points and re-open the “investigation” on the radio.

Mentioned By At Least Two Mamas

Beyond Your Blog
Snap Judgement
The Moth

Some comments on these three:

Laurel Munson Hilton: Snap Judgement is similar to The Moth. Stories are organized around a theme each week. Most brilliant part—very accessible to writers like us—submit your story!

Dorothy O’Donnell: The interviews with editors of various publications featured on Beyond Your Blog have lots of great information for writers, including tips for getting published.

The Rest – An Interesting Round Up

Big Magic With Elizabeth Gilbert
The Fugitive Wave
KQED’s Forum
The Official Outlander Podcast
No Such Thing As the Fish by the QI Elves
Rachel Maddow Show
TED Radio Hour
Truthdig Podcast by Robert Scheer
Writing Excuses

Lorrie Goldin: I listen to KQED’s “Forum” to get a taste of what’s happening locally as well as big national and international stories. And I sometimes tune into the TED Radio Hour, although there’s only so much of the “Aren’t we wonderstruck geniuses?” that a person can take.

Myrna Gatheridge Milbus: I enjoy No Such thing as a Fish with the QI Elves (QI is a BBC comedy panel quiz and the “elves” are the fact/trivia finders for the show). The QI Elves share facts they learned in the previous week and discuss them. Sounds boring but its laugh out loud funny— – and often inappropriate but I listen to it with my kids anyway (they are 13 and 16).

Laurel Munson Hilton: The Official Outlander Podcast is on hiatus now until the next season of the television show begins. The head writer, Ronald Moore, puts this podcast together. He brings on writers and episode directors, costume designers. It’s amazing how much thought gets put into the visually interpreting this book/story for screen. Even the costumes tell stories with their details and meaning.

Fugitive Waves are snippet stories from the Kitchen Sisters, a well-known and loved duo of storytellers for NPR, Radiotopia, and others. They build community through storytelling. Love, love, love them and what they are doing for the air waves right now.

Pamela Weymouth: I enjoy Rachel Maddow for informative satirical news of the week, and for a balanced news talk, the podcast by Truthdig editor Bob Scheer.

Sue Le Breton: I am just starting to tap into podcasts. Current favorite is Big Magic with Elizabeth Gilbert. Excited to see other recommendations.

Alexandra Ballard: I like the Longform podcast, which features long, in-depth interviews with writers. Cheryl Strayed was recently featured and the interview was almost and hour and a half and fascinating! I also listen to Writing Excuses, which is a short podcast on all things writing—–craft, practice, publishing, etc.

Let us know if we missed anything and stay tuned for our upcoming roundup on your favorite books of the year!

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Marianne Lonsdale Marianne Lonsdale writes personal essays, short stories and literary interviews. She’s slowly cranking out a novel set in Oakland in 1991 about a crazy romance. Her work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Literary Mama, Grown and Flown, Pulse and has aired on KQED. She is a founding member of the Write On Mamas and is honored to be an alumna of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley. Marianne lives with her husband, Michael, and son, Nicholas, in Oakland, California. Mariannelonsdale.com

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