In a fit of utter madness, the Write on Mamas decided to enter the A-Z Blog Challenge once again in April. This is when you post on a different letter of the alphabet on each day of April. We managed to get 26 members of our group to post last year and are doing it again this year. As I said, complete insanity! But it was also so much fun and it really helped and to pull us together as a group, especially for those members who live further away.

In the few days leading up to April, we thought it might to nice to showcase a few of the most popular posts from last year’s Challenge. The final blog from last year we are showcasing is a poem from Claire Hennessy, which also has the added feature of listening to her read it in her British accent!

Claire’s recording of Bug Poem (download)

A British divorcee called Claire

Sent an email one night for a dare

To her first love at school

Who’d been horny and cool

And no man since then could compare.


When they first met he had a nickname

She wondered if it would be the same

He quickly replied

Bursting with pride

He was still known as Bug, he proclaimed.


The years apart had been more than thirty

But they found that they both were still flirty

She’d forgotten that Bug

Was not like a slug

Coz when it came to romance he was dirty.


Two years later in a town by the sea

He declared his love and proposed on one knee

She jumped up and down

With the ring he had found

And with no thought accepted with glee.


From her family it was very hard to part

But she needed to follow her heart

To live in the sun

Sounded plenty of fun

Bug had always been Right From The Start.


British born Claire Hennessy is writing a humorous memoir about reuniting with her childhood sweetheart after a 30 year separation, called Mr Right From The Start. She also writes a blog, Crazy California Claire. She and her two kids now live in Marin County, California, in a blended family. Claire is a founding member and website editor of the Write on Mamas
About The Author
Claire Hennessy
Claire Hennessy Originally from England, I have written a humourous memoir about how I reunited with my first boyfriend after a 30 year separation, only to find he was living across the other side of world in California. I am one of the co-founders of Write on Mamas and am very proud to have two essays in our anthology Mamas Write. I have also been published in A Band of Women's anthology series Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: Transitions. I have gained over 100,000 reads of my documents on and write a blog called Crazy California Claire. I live in Novato, CA with my wonderful husband and an assortment of kids and animals.

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