Photography by Mary Allison Tierney

I was eavesdropping at the bus stop, on kids waiting to go to elementary school:

“Max got a stop. He got like so mad, coz coz Sebastian flushed his hat,” says the girl with braids and freckles.

“Did he yell?” says her friend with the pixie hair cut and rain boots.

“He used bad words and pushed Sebastian in the garden. He like totally lost his temper, like it was gone forever.”

Totally lost it, like it was gone forever. Gotta love kids. I exchanged a smile with another mother.

“Where did it go?” I ask.

“What?” The two girls ask in unison.

“His temper? He lost it right? Does that mean he can’t get angry any more?”

“No. That’s silly, ” says Pixie Cut, her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, that’s silly. It just like, grows again,” says Braids-n-Freckles.

Silly me. But I can’t resist asking more questions.

“So you just lose a bit of it and then it grows back?”

“Right,” Pixie-Cut responds. “My dad like totally loses his temper all the time. It doesn’t go all the way gone. His is like, really sticky.”

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