October 9, 2015

O is for Old


Photography by Mary Allison Tierney

O is a theme for me this year. I turned 45, which is OLD. I realize that “old” is relative, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling that way.

My son is turning 18 in a few months, which also makes me feel…old! The lines forming above my lip remind me of an old tortoise’s mouth. The toddler in my neighborhood who stops to look for ladybugs on my silvery front yard bush definitely makes me feel old since we had a toddler when we moved here. My tree swing out front often has little neighbor kids surrounding it. Again, old.

I’ve decided that I love seeing old pictures displayed in people’s houses, so I have been framing black and white photos of my parents when they were small. This month’s project has me going through two old filing cabinets that I have had in the garage for 18 years. I’m looking through old papers. In those files I found some letters and AP English papers from an old high school boyfriend.

Ok, last year I got the letter “R” for my blog and wrote about “ripples” and my first kiss. What’s up with me and writing about old boyfriends anyway? Maybe it’s just because it makes me feel young.

Maria Dudley’s The Dry-Erase Author appears in Mamas Write.


  1. Sue LeBreton says:

    Try not to feel old at 45, trust me that feeling grows yearly. Nice way to include writing about old boyfriends cause they make us feel young. Yes to that!

  2. This is such a sweet, honest piece, Maria, and I relate! But as 55 (gulp!) looms on the horizon, I realize how young I still was in my 40s (even though I felt old then, too).

    • You are 54? I never would have guessed. Thanks for your nice comment, Dorothy. And thanks for telling me you felt old in your forties too. :-) It’s really hard not to feel that way as we age!

    • Sue LeBreton says:

      My kids tell me all the time how old I am. I say ha- I am only middle aged- my grandma is 98, so if she can hang on just a bit longer… It’s a curious thing- do we feel old cause of what we see in the mirror? Or when we do a downward facing dogs & realize even my knees sag? So Maria embrace your 40s- from us 50 somethings. You are as young as you will ever be says one friend.

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